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A Pembrokeshire Life - Jayne E

Walking along the shore
Yesterday i pondered
as i walked along the shore
What is it i want from life
Well let me tell you more

I passed that halfway milestone
a little while ago

It wasn't very painful
I want you all to know

All i want from life right now
Is happiness and nothing more
I just want to live very quietly
and walk along the shore

There's nothing i can say i want
there's nothing that i need

I'm happy out of the rat race
and no longer have that greed

I'm getting older and feel so good
I am what you might call mature
but all i want out of life right now
Is to walk along the shore

I have peace in my mind
as i look far back and wonder where i've been
It's not all bad there's good as well

all those experiences i have seen

But for now i am contented
and there might be another door
who knows which path i'm left to tread
but for now it's along the shore

The Scotsborough Woods Ghost Story

Did you know the story of the 'Beast of Tenby'? Apparently, in 2004, the psychic services of Charles Wilson were called upon due to new residents at Scotsborough View and Oakridge Acres hearing weird noises in the night at Scotsborough Woods. It was reported in the Sun newspaper that a 'bloated, hairless creature, with ferocious teeth was roaming the woods. The story went worldwide - Facebook recorded 36,831 hits and it was picked up and reported by USA based Huffington Post reading 'The Beast of Tenby'.
You can read more about this story at:

A Nice Little Deal

A sociology professor from Oxford University was staying in Marloes while he researched into the ways of quaint country folk. One evening he went into the village pub for a quiet pint and got talking to a local farmhand called Davy Dawdle. “Very fond of riddles we are, around here” said Davy. “Is that so?” Said the professor. “How very interesting. Tell you what, why don’t you try some on me?” “Oh all right” replied Davy “and the can try some on me too”.

Then the professor said “just to make it interesting, I’ll pay you a pound every time I miss a riddle and you pay me a pound every time you miss one”, “but that ain’t fair” said Davy “tha’art an educated man an’ I don’t knoww nothin’. It’ll be fairer if I pays thee fifty pence an’ the pays me a quid”.

The professor agreed and after thinking for a while Davy came up with this riddle: “What has 3 legs walking, 4 legs swimming and 1 leg flying?” The professor couldn’t work it out and at last said “I have to admit I don’t know the answer. Here’s a pound”.

“Well that’s a funny thing” said Davy, “I don’t know the answer neither. Here’s fifty pence change”.

From ‘A disgraceful little book of South Pembrokeshire Jokes Funny Business Down Below’, collected by Brian John

A Traditional Pembrokeshire Verse

St Govans Chapel Pembrokeshire
There is nothing to hope and nothing to fear
When the wind sounds low on Bosherston Mere
There is much to fear and little to hope
When unseen hands pulls St Govan's rope
And the magic stones, as the wise know well
Promise sorrow and death, like St Govan's bell

A Pembrokeshire Storm by Philip Gwyther

The wind it turned the trees to flags,
To tattered sails, to scattered rags.
The land was drenched with salty spray,
Snatched fully half a mile away.

From foaming crests which hit the beach,
And snatched at land just out of reach.
Unflinching granite wears just a frown,
While softer sandstone crumbles down.

Revealing history age by age,
As students read each layered page.
The sea crashed in beneath dark skies,
Then ran back out with silty prize.

As morning broke and storm abated,
Doors creaked open where men waited.
To see the worst that dawn had brought,
What coastal change the sea had

This countys shape, so carved by storm,
No man has shaped its lovely form.
So curse not at the wind and rain,
Sing praises loud for what we gain.
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